bye-bye laptop

6:32 PM

My ancient mac laptop finally pooped out on me. :( So now all I have is my husbands laptop for a couple of hours. All my pics and stuff were on that computer, but hopefully we'll get a new one soon and I can transfer all that stuff over from our hard drive (I am hoping I don't loose any pictures!). Anyhow, the new house is coming along great.

We are in love with Kaysville, seriously it is a little like Mayberry. Everyone is so friendly, nice and outgoing. Max LOVES his school and I am really impressed with the curriculum. There are a ton of families with babies, toddlers and teenagers. Even the construction workers are clean cut looking high school kids. :) MUCH different than SLC. Steve and I definitely miss SLC, but we are only 20 minutes away at the most, so we go back often.

Last Friday we went to Costco and it made me sad to see all the people with their U of U paraphernalia on, I've noticed a lot of "Y" pride here so I think Steve and I are going to get a big UTE flag for our house to hang on game day... :) To all our friends in SLC, we love you and miss you! I've had the same dream the last 3 nights in a row, I look out my front window and there is Jenn Hein walking up to our door (with shoulder length hair no less???) so I'm thinking I need to invite our SLC friends up here just to say a real goodbye. xoxox to all of you!!!

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