A Citrus Christmas

11:34 PM

I have 2 trees in my house, one traditional with the reds and greens and this one, which I have been working on. It is in my sun room, which is also in the process of being painted.

It is a citrus tree and was originally my mom's idea. She dried a ton of oranges and grapefruits and thought they were so pretty you could hang them as ornaments. I fell in love with the idea and put it to work. The colors are gorgeous, yellow and coral/burnt orange. So pretty.

So here is a sneak peak at my citrus tree, I am dying to take a picture of it during the day and hope that my camera will do it justice. Stay tuned and I'll get a picture of the entire tree very soon.

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  1. Sooo pretty. I have one orange slice on my tree. One of these years I'll try and to a theme tree, instead of an all-the-random-bobbles-we've-collected-in-six-years-of-marriage tree.