What!? Christmas is almost here?

10:48 PM

Okay, I am having a little pre-Christmas panic attack. I feel like all I have been doing this last month is shopping, shopping and more shopping and I am still not done! I cannot believe that Christmas is 4 days away and I barely have a voice (from the croup I caught from Max) and I am going to the Dr. tomorrow to be tested for strep, as my throat is still sore and everyone else has had it. Fun stuff.

I feel like Henry looks in this picture, although my lips aren't as luscious and pouty looking. ;)

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  1. That sucks you still sick! I can't beleive it. I hope we don't all catch your bug! What is your guys plan? are you coming up Christmas Eve?

  2. I know, that is what everyone is scared of, us passing on this awful horrible bug!!! But I am antibiotics and won't be contagious by Christmas Eve (yes we're coming up) but who knows if I will have a voice!