Mimi's room-dresser and curtains

10:12 PM

Here is a sneak peak at Mimi's room and an old $25 D.I. dresser we painted pale pink and put darling polka-dotted knobs on. Mimi added the bows to her curtain...decorating at such a young age. ;)

paint color on dresser: "milady" Behre (homedepot)

Pink knobs: Anthropologie
(they sell this brand at Hobby Lobby...who knew? Hobby Lobby is the same price, but the difference is that they will have 50% off sales. These knobs were $24 instead of $48.)

This isn't the exact knob on our dresser, but it is the same brand.

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  1. Brooke you are too cute. I need you here to spruse up my furniture and home. I am sure Mimi loves her new room!