the citrus tree in all its I hear angels singing???

12:50 AM

Here it is as promised...isn't it pretty? :) My sweet sister-in-law called me this evening to tell me how much she liked the tree and it made my day! Thank you!

Here is a view of the tree in our sun room as you walk in the front door...the yellow wall really isn't that yellow, my camera is just difficult when I am not shooting in actual daylight...

...oh and that monkey on the couch is Madeline-Belle being a total nerd. Speaking of nerds, the other day Max asked, "mom, does nerd mean that you are cute and funny?" I said yep, that's why I always call my kids nerds. ;)

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  1. brooke your tree is beautiful. but the little nerd on the couch is more beautiful. luv ya mom

  2. Yes I am in love with this tree. So perty. Love the burnt orange! Can't wait to see it.

  3. It really is so pretty at night, it just looks peaceful...which is especially nice when I feel like I have been surrounded by toddler-energetic-craziness all day. :)