Heart filled cake

5:43 PM

Steve opened the fridge the other night after returning home from work and found the cake below waiting for him. I think it was at that moment as he was staring at this lemon-curd filled cake with coconut/cream cheese frosting that he knew he had definitely married his soul mate. ;) hee-hee

For my birthday my sis-in-law Christie and my brother Quentin bought me a Wilton Heart Tasty Fill Pan. It looked like something only the professionals could make, yet do-able at the same time after I read the instructions.

The reason my heart looks a little 'sad' in the first picture above is because we cut it with a serrated knife, and I used a box mix (which tend to be less dense and fall apart when cut).

(TIP: a good way to get cake-box cake more dense is to add milk instead of water.)

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