diy: 4th of July shirts

8:22 AM

These shirts were so easy to make! I think they turned out really cute. Instructions below.

1. print off an image (any image really) that you like from the internet, I got mine here. An easy way to do this is to type the desired shape into the google or bing search engine, click on images and pick one that you like the outline and size of. 2. cut out the image.

3. purchase fusible web and fuse the pattern to your choice of fabric, for more detailed instruction go to CURBLY. 4. cut out the shape and fuse it to your shirt. (I bought all the shirts you see in the pictures above for $2-$3 on sale at Wal-mart). 5. take your sewing machine and just sew around the edges to keep it in place.

Et voila, a one of a kind, homemade shirt created by you! ;)

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