me and my Bay Area upbringing

5:18 PM

At the age of 3 my parents loaded me, my 3 month old baby sister Rozlynn and our belongings into a U-Haul truck and drove from SLC, utah to the Bay Area in California so my dad could attend UC Berkeley.

me, age 3 in San Francisco, Ca.
(my dad is a very talented photographer and took this picture of me 31 years ago in China Town.)

We remained in Walnut Creek, which is approx. 20 miles outside of San Francisco for the next 15 years. My childhood consisted of barefoot summers, long bike rides on the amazing bike trails in Northern California, fresh raspberry's, warm Christmas days, lots of Winter rain, rap/hip hop music, weekly trips to the beach and "good" wholesome fun with High School friends who I love dearly and who contributed to the person I've become today.

I love where I grew up. I hope to give my children the same opportunity for growth, personal discovery and good old-fashion fun.

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  1. Fun to learn more about you! N. California sounds so appealing to me.

  2. It is! Such a great place to live, the only problem is that houses there that were worth 150-200k when I lived there are now worth at least 600k. :( Darn housing market!! :) If houses weren't so expensive I would have moved there years ago.

  3. Brooke I love, love, love that picture. And yes Northern Cal was a perfect place to grow up and raise a family. I might also add summers day full of swimming, cool people and gorgeous landscapes. I miss that place!!!!

  4. Walnut Creek will always hold a special place in my heart.