I've fallen in love....

10:13 PM

There is the most darling shop/bakery about 10 minutes from my house called The Sweet Tooth Fairy. They sell cakes, cupcakes, cookies, trinkets and ...(drum roll please)...cake bites.
I have fallen in love with cake bites. They are so so so yummy. They have a ton of flavors from the more common chocolate cake bite to the less common, root beer cake bite (my kid's favorite).

My favorites are called Fairy Fettie, and they are pictured below. I think it is their version of a vanilla cake, and it is amazing.

This leads us to my next thought..."how can I make these?". Because being Brooke, I can't just enjoy something and leave it to the experts, I have to figure out how they did it and try to do it myself. This way of thinking has lead to some colossal failures, but I've also had some pretty impressive successes.
I have researched this process and from everything I've read, it's virtually impossible to duplicate The Sweet Tooth Fairy's cake bites, but there are cake bite recipes out there. I have found a relatively simple one that I am going to try this week and let you know how it measures up.

I am using a recipe from AllRecipes and you can find it HERE.

Above is a picture of this darling shop, you can't help but feel pampered just standing in line surrounded by pretty things and sweet smells.

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  1. Oh my gosh I love these things too! They are so good! I've saved a recipe as well but haven't tried. You'll have to let me know how they turn out.

  2. oh my gosh! I totally have a thing for cake bites- I need to go to that bakery!!!