Our front yard....it's getting there

8:59 PM

I have neglected my blog for quite some time now. Mostly because it's sunny and it's much nicer to be outside than in. But I guarantee once school, Fall and Winter begin I will be posting much much more. But I did take a picture of my front yard flowers in full bloom in June and wanted to share our progress...

Stage 1:
this is how the front yard looked when we bought it. A virtual jungle.

Stage 2:
cleaning out a quarter of the ivy, the big bushy 70's/spider tree. That alone took us an entire day.

Stage 3:
We planted some small shrubs and flowers and put down mulch.

Stage 4:
(one year later!)
Our plants have grown! The flowers are blooming and all was beautiful in the Spring/early Summer

Stage 5:
Planting flowers and plants that will also be pretty in late summer/fall. Right now my flower garden looks a little blah and dry.

So there you have it 2 years of our front yard in 4 stages. Next on our list? A million and one things. ;) We'll keep you posted!

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