my style & my flowers....

7:48 AM

First peonies have bloomed!!! They are gorgeous huge blossoms with layers and layers of silky pink petals. So in love. We also have star lilies, dahlias, gladiolas, day lilies, roses (so many roses) and many other varieties of flowers I have yet to figure out the name of. I am taking pictures tonight just so I can enjoy these beauties when February rolls around.

So I have always struggled with my "style". I have thought for a long time that it is just eclectic, and while that is true I have discovered lately that I am eclectic because I can't afford my style. I love European fabrics and design. Humphhh...oh well, I can figure out a more economic way to get what I want, right.?

Above is a look I love, it is all done in Pierre-Deux fabric. Oh Pierre, please have a really big sale with free shipping someday!

Here are some websites, blogs, etc. of the style I just love:

Heather Baileystore (a hip trendy twist on traditional style with bright bold colors, love this gal's style)

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