Memorial Day - Nelson Reunion

8:24 AM

Max and Madeline are looking at the different tomb stones at the Millville Cemetery in Cache Valley. Madeline kept saying she was stepping on people...kind of getting the concept. ;)
Here are the kids sitting on Grandma and Grandpa's tomb stone. I sincerely hope that my great grandchildren sit and climb and play on my tomb stone when I pass away. There is something so sweetly connected about it.
My dad and his sisters, Joan and Margaret sitting at my parents house "havin' a laugh". It was fun to see them all just talking, laughing and hanging out together. One thing I wish I could see more of and something I want and wish my children to see my siblings and I do often through out our life.

Many more pictures coming soon on our mac family website.
Here are some cute ones of Quentin and Maddie.

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  1. That dance party on the porch was the best thing about the whole weekend.

  2. Ha! I had the tightest brown jogging suit on...I think I had a perma wedgy the whole time!

  3. Oh that all looks so nice! I forget how pretty Cache County is. And look at Henry, he looks like a little man!

  4. That was a great day. I wish we all got together more :)