before (during) & after PART I

11:08 AM

we cut down the pine tree, yay!
3 types of ivy consumed the entire left side of the front yard. With the help of our families we cleared out a patch in front.
We also cleared the corner piece that was also completely taken over by ivy.
below is what our yard looked like as the snow melted and all the ivy lay dead and flat.

we planted tick seed (yellow tall flower) and English Lavender in our little corner piece along with some ground cover. There was already a small patch of ground cover in front so I just continued it all around the edges. Lastly, we put down mulch.
Here is what it looks like in the front now. It just feels cleaner. We planted boxwood shrubs, hostas, lavender, belle flower, korean lilac and couple other shrubs.
The garden flag is from Alabama. I just love it. Rozzie sent it to me last year for Mother's Day.
I love how close the mountains are and I love our grove of trees out front.
to be continued....
we still have to paint, put up flower boxes, change light fixtures oh, and get a new garage door....I busted ours...

...Thank goodness for a nice husband who didn't even get fazed by my serious mess-up.

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  1. Looks awesome!

    How did you bust your garage door?

  2. good ?. I thought the door was up because I could see out my back window but I guess it was just low enough to when I backed out it got caught on the top of the car...weird hugh?! It's been a rough couple days.

  3. Looks so good! (sorry about the garage door- that really stinks.)

  4. I noticed your new sod- so the lawn guys finally admitted they killed your lawn?

  5. Wow, my arms hurt after just reading this post. Kudos to your crew, and sorry about your garage door.

  6. Brooke it looks great. When I drive by someone's house and see that they take good care of their yard, I think that says alot about them. Love it.