from watermelon to Amoxicillan

9:20 PM

So within about 2 days we went from eating delicious juicy watermelon on a beautiful afternoon in our backyard.... taking all 3 kids to the doctor and finding out they all have ear and sinus infections! This is what the kids looked like this afternoon after coming home from the doctors. Poor little guys. :(

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  1. That picture is so sad! :( Poor kiddos.

  2. SO SAD! I hope everyone feels better soon! What is going on with all of this?! It's SUMMER!

    Love those kids room- and I used to LOVE watching foreign films! There was a Brazilian one John and I saw not too long ago I think you and Steve would like... Trying to remember the name... hmmm.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. ok, I somehow officially erased the comments that were made here. I was trying to erase a weird foreign comment when I did this. SOOO sorry!!!