Catherine Deneuve

8:35 AM

For some odd reason last night I found myself watching an old French film called Mississippi Mermaid. The name intrigued me and so did the cinematography. It had a kind of Alfred Hitchcock feel to it. It was all subtitled and reminded me of my college days when I was a bit more "cultured" (or maybe I just had more time on my hands) and watched foreign films with subtitles often.

The actress was gorgeous and I was amazed at how timeless her look was. You could have taken her out of that film and put her in a film today and the transition would have seemed flawless.

The actress was Catherine Deneuve. Absolutely stunning and again mind-boggling how current her look was even 50 years ago in 1969.

I love this picture below, and love even more that dress and that heart necklace (minus the cone shaped bra of course...why was that look ever popular?).

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  1. Wow. You are right. Pretty timeless, all except for the cone shaped bra. :) Ha!