Swedish vs. French country

9:35 AM

I remember reading somewhere that a major difference between Swedish and French country is that with Swedish homes and decor they often paint the wood white.

I tested this by googling Swedish country and French country. In the google images of Swedish country I found a plethora of bright pictures, as much of the wood and furniture was painted white. I also found that half the time wheat was incorporated into the decor. My mother often decorates for Christmas with wheat in liue of our Swedish heritage.

At Christmas time in our old home in P.C. my mom would hang wheat wreaths in the windows wrapped with red and gold ribbon made in Sweden.
I love the muted/dusty blue below with the silver, gold and white embellishments. So lovely. The great thing about this, is that despite the pink, yellow and blue floral painted on the wall and the brass accents it doesn't look like 70's victorian decor.

You know what I am talking about right? In the 70's or maybe early 80's the victorian style was really popular and many older homes today still have this style. I'm not saying it is bad, because in it's day I am sure it was very trendy and chic. Unfortunately as with all trends, they eventually and inevitably go out of style and look dated.

I think what keeps this look classic, is the use of antiques and using the "real" not imitations stuff. I am sure that the brass here is real brass and crystal, the silver is probably plated sterling silver and that the gold is probably gold leaf. So if you have $50,000 on hand to buy the real antiques then you probably won't go out of style. For the rest of us, we'll probably have to tweak our style every 10 years or so to keep it up to date. ;)

Love the blue and white below. So traditional and pretty, and never goes out of style. But like with all styles, they will need updating every 10 years or so. Nothing major, just tweaking or adding and taking away a few things to keep it up to date.

In the google images of French country I found lots of deep wood colors as much of the furniture and trim remained their natural wood color.

After living in France I think it is fair to say that my family's style has been influenced heavily by French country. My parent's home which they were able to design is filled with natural woods. I can only think of 1 or 2 pieces of furniture that are painted.

In my home now (which we bought as is) much of the wood is painted white, and much to my surprise I like it! A lot. Who knew? I certainly didn't.

Painted wood is very much "in" right now. Is it because of IKEA and the Swedish influence? Whatever it is, I like how bright and clean it can make a room look especially if you don't like the type or look of the wood that you currently have (like the wood in our master bedroom).


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  1. I love that first French Country pic and the little girls room. Looks so dreamy! Love your blog! I'll be adding it to my reader.