Princess Party Part Deux

9:34 PM

Mimi's Princess party was so fun, she still talks about it. I am so happy to make these fun memories for her. It looked so lovely, in spite of our fence...

...Our goal this Summer was to tear down this chain link fence (I have some serious animosity towards this fence. Why? Mostly because it offers no privacy whatsoever) and put up a cedar fence. But now that Max needs his tonsils out and Henry needs tubes in his ears, I may just have to put up with this fence for another Summer. Humphhhh. Oh well, in the grand scheme of things it's not really that big of a deal. AND so what if everyone in the neighborhood can see me gardening in the backyard in sweatpants, no make-up and uncombed hair?

I used decorations that were left over from my sister's wedding to decorate the party with. Lucky for me her wedding colors were pink and green. ;) Thanks sis.

I searched and searched for DIY castle cakes. There are some darling cakes out there, but most of them looked much too intricate and time consuming to make. So I took ideas from the cakes I liked and created the castle cake above.

It was so simple to make and Mimi LOVED it! The best part was when we took the cones apart to cut the cake the kids used the cones for their ice cream.

This table was fun, I got the idea to use the IKEA net from the blog, love the day. It was just the right height for the kids as well, and they sure looked cute getting their pink lemonade!

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  1. Ok this party is so cute it makes me sick. Lucky Mimi, what great memories she will have! You da bomb mom sister!