The Nelson's and French Country Design

6:53 PM

In my last post I talked about the differences between Swedish and French country and how my family's style is heavily influenced by French country. Below are pics taken at my parent's home in Cache Valley.

Below are pictures of my parent's sunroom, full of all different kinds of natural wood.

I love the wallpaper below in my parents bathroom. It has a picture of French hens on it. There are also at least 3 different types of wood in their Master bath below.

love love love the claw foot tub. My mom bought this tub at the local antique store and they had it reglazed.

Below are pics of their Master Bedroom. I love how eclectic, yet coordinated it all is. My parent's bought the armoir below in France and my mom often picks up old suitcases she finds at the DI, antique stores or the flee market.

Below is one of my mom's best DI finds. She found the darling white and yellow reading chair at the DI. It was pretty beat up with old torn 70's cushions and chipped wood. My mom saw it had good "bones" and snatched it up for $10. She gave it a white glaze finish and then had it professionally reupholstered. Now, it looks like it could be an antique!

Below is a section of my parent's kitchen. This was taken 2 Easters ago, but I wanted to post it because it has one of the few wood peices that my mom has painted in it. Behind Max there is buffet that my mom inherited from my Nelson grandparents. She painted it green and it is just darling. Now it showcases her French Gien. So pretty.

Oh and I spent a weekend staining ALL the kitchen cabinets. So I feel like a bit of my elbow grease (literally) is in this photo as well.

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