Wall Stencils

8:52 PM

I have been thinking of fun and creative ways of decorating walls....why?? I don't really know. Probably because as I wash my 120th dish of the day, or sweep up my 10th pile of crumbs off the kitchen floor my mind needs something fun and creative to think about.

I began thinking about doing an accent wall using wallpaper. Then I thought "oooo...what about using stencils?" I began my long college career as an Art Major with a special love of oil painting, so I love any opportunity to dip a brush in fresh paint.

Then I asked myself (as I take the pile of crumbs to the garbage can), "Do they make large wall stencils?" And after a quick search on google found out they do!!!! And not only that, there is a plethora of designs to choose from. Here are some of my favorites. Yummy food for decorating thought.

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