the beauty of flower boxes

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(before I give my 2 cents about the beauty of flower/window boxes I want to say I finally figured out how to put the comment option back on my blog. I took it off for a while when I stopped blogging and then couldn't get it back on there. I guess I needed to reset my blog and here it is. No need to leave a comment but if you really want to the option is now there.)

I love flower boxes, in fact it is one of those things that I wish everyone had. Just because they are so pretty to look at, especially when they are spilling over with beautiful foliage and flowers.

(Photo: Luvzdollz)
I think a lot of what you plant depends on the color and style of your home as well as the type of planter you have. I love the quaint cottage feel above with the pops of red against the blue'ish green home. I equally love the more sophisticated look of different types of foliage below.

Even when we lived in an apt. in the Aves. i had flower boxes Spring-Fall. Below are some beautiful examples of how and what to plant. I like looking at what other people have planted to see what looks good and what I personally like.


My flowers this past year weren't spectacular, but pretty. Hopefully this year I can plant more cascading types of flowers.

Above and below are a picture of the one window box we put up last year. The picture below was taken right after I planted the flowers, so it looks pretty dinky and above was what I put in for Fall.

Below are pictures of my parent's home and their beautiful flower boxes. My sister was married in our backyard and it was quite a beautiful affair.

(I think Rozlynn got her wedding dress in Cleaveland..get it? ha-ha-ha)
(Sunday dinner with my parents)

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