The brooch bouquet

11:45 PM

I love all things old, vintage and antique. While searching the web I came across this absolutely darling idea. Instead of a flower bouquet, why not make one from old brooches? Now these bouquets don't smell as sweet as the real thing but they are so beautiful and delicate.

I found these images via Ruffled, who found them via Fantasy Floral Designs.

These (almost) rival Maren's bouquets from Elsabette Design. Yet I still prefer the real deal, although these would make for a beautiful second bouquet.

I bet you could combine the 2, real flowers & vintage brooches to create something exquisitely lovely.

The bride's maid bouquets below are so charming and dainty, wish I were a bride's maid in this wedding. ;)

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  1. I LOVE these!!! I wish I had a bride eclectic enough to do this, and that I knew of some great flea markets around- does UT even have them? If they do, or something similar, we should go shopping sometime!