Purple Apple Enterprises

9:27 AM

My mom is starting her own business using her Lavender fields and Apple Orchard. Her farm is full of sweet smelling lavender planted by Peggy and vintage apples planted by our ancestors.

I am helping them start up a little blog about their products etc. Their blog is called The Purple Apple. They have already set up an official website which, I am going to put a link on my blog to their store in the next couple of days. Here are few things my mom and my extremely talented cousin Kristy are working on:

- hand milled French Lavender soap
- Lavender lotion (excellent for those with dry skin and eczema)
- Lavender and Apple scented hand lotion rub (AMAZING stuff)
- body scrub
- a variety of lavender sachets
- stationary
- Lavender Fairy line (just for little fairy-girls)

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