a beautiful day

9:36 PM

Here is my family sitting on our porch during the wonderful, beautiful months of the Spring and Summer.  
Today began with sunshine!  I felt liberated.  I am not one for the dark, dreary, cold Wintertime.  Why do I live in Utah?  hmmm...just kidding I love Utah, but I wouldn't mind a more sunny and bright location.  Perhaps one day.  I like to be outside a lot and I become a hermit between the months of Oct.-April which definitely puts a strain on my social life as I hide in my house/cave.  But today I was outside all day with the kids and it was a delight.

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  1. So cute! I love your porch. I was just thinking about my kids all being really young and at home- and how fun it was (but hard) enjoy these days... they fly by and they are sooo... special! BTW- the necklace & bracelet on top of your blog are adorable... do you have an etsy shop?

  2. Thanks Katie! No I don't, but I'd be happy to make you anything you'd like. Anything from bracelets, necklaces, baby blankets and lavender birds etc. Just let me know. :) I still need to make another little bracelet for Amanda Jane and a blanket for Cannon.

    I also needed to hear that about enjoying this time, I feel like I am a bit smothered these days with the kids not in school yet. Especially with feeling sick from the pregnancy. :)