9:45 PM

Madeline loves to play dollies (barbies). She always asks me to play with her, but when I can't play she asks Steve. She hands Steve the Malibu Ken doll and tells him to play. He takes Ken and with his best feminine voice asks the barbies if his hair looks okay...

...by this time Max swoops in with his 'tough' Bionicles and tries to scare the dolls. Steve uses his Ken doll and asks the bionicles if they want back massages. Max never knows how to take this so Steve proceeds to ask them in for some freshly baked pie and strawberry preserves.

Anyhow, it is hilarious to listen to. Max gets so frustrated that he gives up being scary and plays somewhere else in the room.

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  1. Brookie this post made me laugh so hard because I can see Steve using that voice. I thought it was so funny I called Thad to read it to him over the phone. Hillarious!

  2. HA! I was laughing last night as I wrote it, it is so funny to hear Max's frustration as he tries to be tough and scary. xoxoxo

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