Light the World: December 15th - Music

11:41 AM

Yesterday for our Light the World project, instead of singing a favorite primary song we listened to our favorite Christmas hymns.  We also had the opportunity to go to an orchestra concert that my oldest son was in.  It was a wonderful concert and he did a fabulous job playing on the cello!  

AND we found a new favorite Christmas song!
It's called "Somewhere in my Memories", you may recognize it from the movie Home Alone.  Listening to it with only the instruments was really beautiful.  

The last thing we did was learn the meaning behind "Silent Night". It's one of my favorite Christmas stories and I was excited to share it with my kids.

*This story is widely considered false, but it's such a lovely story we'll stick with it.  I especially love the message that out of something negative came something beautiful and enduring. Silent Night has since been translated into 140 languages and remains one of the most recognized and sung Christmas Carols of all time.

The small Parrish where Silent Night was first performed.
Oberndorf bei Salzburg, Austria.

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