DIY: Christmas Tree Cones

8:58 PM

The other night we went to our friends home for hot cocoa and Trader Joe's cookies.  I walked in and saw a few dozen of these darling Christmas tree cones displayed all over her living room.  I told her how much I loved them and she said she made them, all of them! Every year she makes a few using old fabrics and other materials. 

I told her I wanted to put these on my blog and she said that there are tutorials all over pinterest and they are so easy to make.  Well, maybe she didn't create this idea but I had never seen them before and wanted to post how simple and pretty they are.

First you make a cone from a thick piece of paper or light cardboard, my friend said she uses old cereal or cracker boxes.

Then you decorate... with anything.  My friend used beads, fabric, paper, beans, twine, yard, string, ornaments, feathers, glitter, tissue paper etc.

And then display!  My daughter loved the idea so much she has already made 2 using wrapping paper.

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