Light the World: Dec. 14th - Give

10:13 AM


December 14th
Donate Clothes to Those in Need

I love to give.  I love the thrill of finding something that will bring a smile to someone's face.  I don't care if I see them open it or if they thank me.  Just the thought of making someone smile or laugh or breath a sigh of relief is a wonderful feeling.

I remember a time I gave when Steve and I were a young married couple with Max.  Max was in preschool at the University of Utah.  During the Holiday season the U was placing giving trees all over campus to donate to families for Christmas.  Right outside my son's preschool there was a giving tree.  Every name was so cute and the things that were needed were so necessary, such as mittens for a 2 year old named Sarah or winter coat for an 18 month old named Sam... all the things that were needed were so simple and the sizes were so tiny.  So what did I do?  I grabbed about 8 names off the tree and went to "work".  I will never forget how much fun it was to get things for these kids.  I just loved it.  The twist is that Steve and I were  pretty broke, Steve was still in his Masters Program at the U.  I put it on a credit card (dumb dumb dumb) and I have never done that since.  But even though we couldn't afford it, I'll never forget how much fun it was to know I contributed to an awesome Christmas for 8 children and their parents.

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