My sis's new place...

3:06 PM

My sis and brother-in-law sold their home and have bought a new one! I am so excited for them and especially for my sister since this is like her first home. The house they lived in previously was bought by my brother-in-law years before he met my sister. And as lovely and comfy as that house was my sister always felt a little like a guest.

Here are some pics she sent of her new home, I'm sure it's a bit obnoxious of me to post them, but I can't help feeling so happy and excited for them! Above is a picture of the house courtesy of my brother in law Thad. Thanks!

above: entry way & living Room

above: living room & family room

above: kitchen & dining room

above: master bedroom

above: quest rooms & bathroom

above: they live in a gated community on a lake with a large pool and pool house, walking trails, tennis and much much more.

So here's to you little sis, enjoy this time and the opportunity you have to add your own personal touch and personality into this home of yours and Thad's. xoxo

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  1. So somehow I missed the transition to your new blog. I double checked my feed and sure enough, it's not that you weren't posting. It's that I was no longer getting your posts. Problem fixed. Whew. Beautiful work by the way.

  2. Ahhhh thanks sis. We are excited to move in!