Bubble gum pink and Louis Vuitton

12:13 AM

For those of you who may not know me here is a little history behind my love of fashion and the impeccable and iconic fashion magazines VOGUE and ELLE.

It was tradition in our home that at the beginning of each school year my mom bought us clothes, very practical clothes, jeans, cotton shirts etc. (also, it was California so the seasons didn't change too much). If we wanted anything brand name or fashionable we had to pay for it ourselves. I began babysitting regularly around 12 years old. This babysitting money was often spent on 1 or 2 items at the LIMITED, GAP or Nordstrom's Brass Plum. The rest went to my annual subscriptions to VOGUE and ELLE magazine. (yes, I began subscribing to these magazines when I was 12)
During my Jr. High and HS years I was grounded a lot. I wasn't a bad kid at all. I was stubborn, quick witted and rarely backed down from an argument with my parents. Sometimes my dad would just stare at me and say "you'd make a good lawyer"...that was of course after he grounded me for 3 weeks for "talking back". Needless to say I spent many an afternoon grounded in my bedroom, and while I sat in my room doing anything but homework I would pour over my fashion magazines and daydream of the day I would become a designer, photographer or model (at 5'2" I knew that was just a dream).

When my mom would take us to the library I would often get large books on Fashion Designers like Ralph Lauren, Louis Vuitton, Yves Saint Laurent, Versace etc.... I even began drawing my designs in a book. I had fabric swabs, and colors and textures all laid out. (What I wouldn't give to still have that book).
So you can imagine my nostalgia and pleasant surprise when I saw my daughter gazing in awe at the newest Louis Vuitton spread in this months VOGUE. You have to admit any little girl would fall in love with these doll like pictures and pastel colors.

(ps I wouldn't mind that yellow and white purse or those awesome shoes)

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