colorful front doors

11:27 PM

We had a family build a home just about a block away from us a couple of months ago. Their house is grey and white with bright orange/coral colored double front doors. I love it. The inside of their home is just as bright and welcoming.

I love it! I painted my door a subtle green and thought I was being so unique. Ha! So I have found pictures of some door colors that are amazing...and I think this whole bright colored door thing is rubbing off on me. Playing with color is risky, but when done right it is amazing, when done wrong it's tacky. So I will try to mimic my new neighbors and do color the right way...imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?
I'm a green person and often find myself gravitating towards greens so it is no surprise I love all the green doors here. One of my faves is the bright lime/almost yellow green door in the second set of pictures below. I also love the deep purple. So regal.

Love all of these doors. I need to play with color more, that is my goal for this new year.

I love the yellow...hmmm.....any ideas on cool doors?

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  1. I love colorful front doors too! I would love to paint ours....