Christmas wreath ideas

8:19 AM

This is late but I had to do a Christmas wreath post! There is such a wide range of styles and colors of wreaths that I love. The frame wreath below is darling. Some people are so creative and I am sooo grateful!

My colors this year were red & blue. So I especially love the pops of red and blue above. My blue this year was a grey/blue and I may just have to change it to this turquoise next year.

Love the bright colors. Lime green and red, you can never go wrong with these colors.

Once again love the red and blue combo.

The above is very pretty too. Something so clean and pretty about the mixing of the metals, gold and silver.
And last but not least the Swedish/French/European side comes out when I use fresh pine wreaths and garlands with berries, holly and wheat.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

love, the bartholomews

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  1. Love these wreaths. Next year I will pay you money to make me one.

  2. Your Christmas Card was gorgeous this year. See you on Saturday for Max's big day!

  3. Awww....thanks Christie! We're excited to see you guys too on Sat! I will take money for pretty much any reason Roz, wanna trade a plane ticket for a wreath? hee hee. :)