v-day....I failed you this year

12:16 PM

From the first year Max was born I took Valentines pictures, I either bought or made coordinating little outfits or shirts. I then made cute cards and sent them out to immediate family on both sides....this year I did not. :(

But truth be told I am not that sad. I made the very conscious decision on Saturday to not worry about it this year and I cannot tell how relieved I felt. I am a firm believer that you should only do that kind of stuff if you want to and it's fun for you and your family. When it begins to feel like a chore or creates more problems I will always bag it for a season. Next year, who knows? I may not be so busy? ;)

Anyway Happy Valentine's Day!!! Below is a list of moms/women who are not so busy, have "help", no sleep or surgically had 3 extra arms sewn to their body....

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