Memorial Day Prep

1:14 PM

We are getting ready for our annual Memorial Day Nelson reunion. My parents host this event because my dad bought the family property about 4 years ago and built a home on it.

Above is my parents huge English Mastiff, and I swear he gets bigger every time I see him. From the back he looks like a mountain lion. But you couldn't find a more gentile, docile dog anywhere. He's our gentile giant.

Hen-hen (above with a neighbor girl) loves his woody doll and always looks at him and says, "Hi Woody!".

We came up for the weekend to help, although I think we add more chaos than help to the Memorial Day preparations.

The kids love to be at Grandma's house and play and play! She lets them roam free amongst all her paintings and antiques. And yes, my kids have broken a number of treasures, but not once has she ever gotten mad or upset with them about it. Few!

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  1. Adorable pics. You don't bring chaos, you bring to die for kids who mom and dad adore, so basically you bring life to the far. Love that Hen Hen loves Woody.