Farmers Market

7:29 AM

While in Logan visiting my sister who was in town from AL, my family participated in the Logan farmers market.

My mom sold her lavender products and my sister made some lavender chocolate chip cookies to sell. They were delicious.

My sister told Max that if he sold some cookies for her she would pay him a small commission.

Max will jump at any opportunity to make money, so he was out in front of the stand for almost 2 hours with plate after plate of samples of my sister's cookies. He sold the entire basket full! Ha!!

Not only that, he had a sales tactic. Draw them in with the cookie and then while they were sampling the cookie Max would show them the rest of the products. It's funny to watch a 7 year old explain to people that "we have lavender bath salt, made with sea salt, oatmeal and lavender for $6". HAhaha! It was awesome!

My mom will be moving her booth to the SLC farmers market this next month.

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  1. Max seriously Hmade sure every last cookie of mine was sold. I miss my babies already!

  2. Love your pics, they are so artsy and well taken. And Max was the ultimate salesman and truly sold every single one of my cookies. I love that sweet boy!