calling all children of the 80's

10:24 PM

Anyone out there remember the days when SWATCH was all the rage?  I remember when I got my first SWATCH, it was so exciting.  I felt so cool with my 5 inch bangs, neon GAP sweater and patterned KEDS.  Oh, I also got one of those coordinating rubber watch guards.  Totally RAD!

The new watches coming out this season remind me of these old SWATCHES, although because of stores like Charming Charlie you can buy 1 of every color for a relatively small price compared to the cost of one of the old Swiss made SWATCH models.  Back then the price for one of these watches could have been up to $40, which in 1983 was a lot of money.  

Above are some 'rad' watches instyle this season.  I am loving the pastel and gold colors, I just recieved my pale pink and gold toe pumps in the mail and may just need one of these lovely watches to complete the look.

ps... I had to add the SWATCH phone below so those of you who are children of the 80's can go down memory lane once more. ;)

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