Sweet Home Alabama...

12:04 PM

I went to visit my sis and brother-in-law 2 months ago at their new home in a suburb of Birmingham, AL.
It was so fun, beautiful and relaxing. A true vacation. Thank you for being such great hosts!

As we drove to her home I couldn't believe the beauty in just the drive! On either side of the road were beautiful green trees lining the road.

We passed the community club equipped with a pool, basketball courts, tennis courts, exersize facility and club house. We also passed a beautiful lake with walking trails and water front homes.

Their new home is so charming, clean and decorated in the "Nelson girl way". I don't know how else to describe our (Nelson-girl) style.

It is Country French mixed with Shabby Chic mixed with a modern/minimalist twist...very confusing for people to categorize (even ourselves).

I love her wreath, so classy & simple. So Rozlynn. ;) hee-hee

The guest room (soon to be nursery, yay!) below was so lovely with the cool hues on the wall and bed and the family picture of us in front of the Eiffel Tower. ;)

The side table is a thrift store find, she bought an old side table painted it white and bought that darling decorative knob. Love it!

The guest bathroom (below) was just as pretty I especially loved the gold picture frames and the french bee shower curtain.

Her main level was soooooo comfy with the Family Room off the kitchen and E! Entertainment on the television....hee-hee...seriously, it was soooo nice for this SAHM (stay at home mom) to sit and watch whatever the crap she wanted, at anytime of the day! GLORIOUS freedom!

Lastly, her gorgeous Dining/Living Room with it's large bay window and dark cherry wood table, chairs and buffet.

One day, I want a room (a large beautiful room) that is rarely if ever used. It's only purpose for existing is to look pretty. ....I'm sure those rooms are over-rated I just want to know that for myself. ;)

Thank you Rozzie for a wonderful vacation. Maybe one of these days the universe will listen to my plea and have us live MUCH closer together! Love you!

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