lady sunbeam...

1:11 PM

My latest find at the thrift store this week are these vintage Lady Sunbeam hot rollers. :) Sooooo excited to try these out. Vintage hair styles here we (Mimi and I) come!

The plastic box is a robin egg blue and I just love the flower decoration on top of the curler with the little red dot that turns dark red from bright red when hot.

I don't know about you, but I just don't think they make hot rollers like they used to.

I may just have to look for a hair net to keep my snazzy retro hairdo's in tip top shape..... ;)

Our first rendezvous with Lady Sunbeam.....

Yes, that's H in the corner with all his natural curls. ;) Why do the boys always get the lusciously thick hair with natural curl.

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