Happy Birthday!

12:57 AM

It's Mimi's birthday! For her birthday we took her to Build a Bear in lieu of a party where she picked out any bear she wanted and dressed it in whatever she wanted. Needless to say her bear walked out of there with every accessory possible (it was really cute). ;)

Mimi was sweet and said that instead of any presents she wanted us to buy outfits for Max and Hen's Build a Bears (Max has a dog and Henry has a Koala). So Henry choose to get his Koala a Buzz Lightyear outfit and Max choose Darth Vader.

All in all it was a fun night. Mimi got to walk around Gateway with her b-day tiara from Rozlynn and her pretty in pink bear named Sadie Bartholomew. ;)

Happy Birthday to a very sweet, gentle, kind and thoughtful little girl!
Love you!

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