The Flying Rabbit Soap Company

6:10 PM

My hubbie and I started a little soap company called the Flying Rabbit Soap Company!

Last weekend we sold handmade goat's milk soap at the Farmers Market at Crossroads Point. Steve's mom, who I compare to the energizer bunny, because she can go and go and go started the Farmers Market this year in Idaho. The first Saturday was awesome considering the market was competing with a number of other activities that day and there was not much produce ready to be harvested yet.

Below is a picture of our booth. We were also selling my mom's lavender water, lip balm and lotion. It was fun to be outside, feel productive and know your selling a quality product.

Yay for Summer, yay for Farmers Markets and yay for just spending a Saturday outside!

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  1. Ok so your soap stand is soooo stinking cute,I can't stand it. Love the logo and will have to try your soap. Looks great!