the pampered life

12:03 AM

I love the store Sephora, mostly because if I am in one that means I am in a big city, a REAL big city like DC, New York, San Francisco and Paris (Paris is where I bought my first set of make-up from, and was introduced to this wonderful /magical make-up store on the "rue de Passy").

When I was an intern in DC I would spend a small portion of my paycheck going to Sephora in Georgetown and adding to my "impressive" make-up collection (oh and the knock-off GUCCI and Kate Spade purses on the corner of the street)...could my life now be any more of a 180 degree difference?  

Oh well, there is a time and a season for all things and I'm sure my time to travel and shop will arrive once more later on in life.  For now I will be content with where I am at and what I have been blessed with. :) 

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  1. Cute Blog! Thanks for letting me design Henry's birht announcement. Henry is a cutie! (i love the name by the way... it is my last name!)