I tried...

7:07 PM

So I had this adorable image in my head of my kids all cute and smiley (and coordinated). Trust me it looked great when I imagined it....

I thought who needs a professional, I can do this...(although I really know it never works, and have admitted so on several occasions). All I can say is I tried and got a big dose of reality!

Poor Henry...he is the real victim in all of this.

Looks like we are taking it to the professionals. ;) That won't stop me from trying it on my own next time though.

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  1. Your babe is so cute! I think these pictures are priceless and more real than anything you get in a studio. Of course we don't always want to remember realty.

  2. Brooke,
    Cute,cute kids and no worries-"reality" is the stuff of life.
    Congratulations on New Baby Henry. Patricia Sutton Hilton named her brandnew son Henry too! It's the new "name du jour."
    Best Wishes,
    Vicki Jones

  3. I agree...I'm sure in 10 years these pictures will be some of my favorites! :)