Painted Eggs

9:21 AM

When I was about 3 months pregnant with Max (2003) my family went on a 2 week trip around Europe. I was suffering from major morning sickness and don't remember a lot but the one thing I do remember is going to Austria to the town where they make these hand painted eggs. There was shop after shop full of hundreds of intricately painted eggs. They are about $10-$15 a piece for the small ones so Steve and I got 1 for us, and some as gifts for family at home.

The above 2 pictures are of the egg we bought. We put it up every Christmas and Easter.

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  1. I remember this store where we got those eggs. That was the coolest store ever. I wish we could all go back.

  2. Tell me about it sista, who thought it would take so long to get back there!? Thanks for commenting. It warms my heart bones.