1:06 PM

These are Max & Madeline's only cousins on both sides.  They are so cute and fun and they get along so well together.  The only problem is that their mother (my sister-in-law) is angry at pretty much everyone on my husband's side of the family including my husband (they say their kids are scared of Steve. Yep, don't they look terrified here?).

So they don't bring the kids around  a lot.  So dramatic and so lame, she's always quoting scriptures and stuff about how we all need to change and be more Christ-like (wierd!).  But when she isn't there, there is peace, laughter and everyone gets along beautifully.  It makes me sad that we can't be together more often without there being contention.  Oh well, I hope as she gets older she'll mellow out...we'll see.  I doubt it, but miracles do happen. right?  

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