DIY: Overhead Storage

12:37 AM

One of the many projects my husband and I have worked on (with much help from my in-laws, Kent and Kathy Bartholomew) since we moved into our first home  almost 7 years ago is this overhead storage.  

One of the selling points for my husband when purchasing our home was this extra large 4 car garage.  I don't know how tall the ceiling is but, it is extremely tall and always seemed like wasted space.  I visited a friend's home and saw they had overhead storage in their garage made with 2x4s and plywood or was it particle board?  They paid someone to install theirs, but with a "handy-man" like my father-in-law I knew we could DIY it!  So we bought the materials and they took a weekend off from their busy lives  to drive down from Idaho to put this up!  (please imagine an emoji face with heart eyes placed here). 

Below, I've tried to show how we did this.  My measurements are not exact, but anyone can change the measurements to fit their needs. 

Et voila!  $1,200 worth of overhead storage for $350!  And since my father-in-law built this, it is strong and built to last.... now I just need to figure out some kind of a pully system to get my holiday bins off and on the shelf!   

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