Blogging: a Winter sport

9:00 AM

I was helping a friend of mine put flowers together for a wedding with a bunch of other ladies who I had just met.  One of them she referred to blogging, Pinterest, stumble upon etc. as Winter Sports.  I laughed because it is sooooo true.  During the Summer we are at the pool all day, then come August sports Winter is the time to blog.

I have soooo many thoughts, ideas, projects in this brain of mine, that I need to put them somewhere.  And to be honest I have been on fb wayyyy too much.  I don't know why, but for some reason I feel lame when I start posting too much on fb?  (The irony is, I love it when my friends post a lot because it's fun to see what they and their families are up to.)

I am going to once again put all the projects I want to do here in this blog, which will save us (Steve) time, energy and money.  Below are projects I want to do, but have determined with busy kids and all the extra projects I've volunteered for, now is not the time or season...but a girl can still create and daydream (even if it is just in her head) right?  

Window Moulding DIY: Curbly

Transforming old 70's doors: F3


Board and Batten walls DIY: Decor Chick

amazing, do-able and affordable!

Okay, see you soon.......

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