my mom's favorite 4 letter word...SALE!

4:02 PM

During Christmas, Easter, birthdays or any other occasion where gifts are expected to be purchased we often tease my mom about buying our gifts in the %60-%80 clearance isles at TJ Maxx.

Whether it's a stuffed frog for Quentin or life size Christmas Elf for Cavet, you can bet she got it at a steal of a deal. And when you ask why she bought it? Her reply is, "it was a good deal!" and let me tell you she has come upon some amazing deals in her shopping adventures. We try to tell my dad how lucky he is to have such a thrifty wife, but I wonder if he really appreciates how much money she's saved us.

I am the exact same way. I love a good deal. In fact I almost never buy anything full price and when I do, it just doesn't feel right. ;) My sis is the same way, so that is why I have decided that frugality is in our blood.

Rozlynn is decorating her new home and bought the most gorgeous buffet for her dining/living room. (pictured above and below)

She looked and looked and looked in stores and online and everything she liked was expensive and... full price!!! :O So she went on Craig's List and found this buffet and dining table set that a lady had decided to sell.

I won't disclose how much Rozzie bought these for, but they were an amazing deal. A deal even Peggy would be proud of. ;)

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  1. Thanks for the shoot out. Yes I love our buffet, it is exactly what I wanted and for a great deal. I heart Craigslist!