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12:45 PM

Yes, I have been absent from my dear blog for far too long. Things have been crazy for us this last month or so.

We have gone on a couple of short vacations, organized a FABULOUS sponsor dinner for the Farmers Market, had Rozlynn and Thad visit and sadly, had a pretty bad car accident that left us without our good and trusty mini-van (it was totaled). We are all well except for a few bruises and sore backs and necks thankfully.

ps Thank you Cavet for being on an internship in Washington DC so we could drive your Explorer around, it saved us .

So I have decided to post some picture collages of all that has transpired from October 1st until yesterday:

Cornbellies & Gardner VIllage with Kent & Kathy
car accident :(
Farmers Market Sponsor Dinner
After weeks of shopping around we got some new wheels.
Halloween 2011
The Bartholomews & Kjars party in Midway for the weekend!
Chillin in Vegas at the Belagio. All the pics above were taken with my iphone. Impressive.
Last and certainly not least, Thad and Rozlynn came to Utah to speak for 3 days with various groups (including government officials) about Thad's brother Mark who was KIA last year. It was a very somber visit, yet the feeling wasn't hopelessness. But one of hope, peace and love.

Hopefully the next couple of months will be just as fun but less 'event'ful. ;)

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  1. So I feel like I haven't seen you forever so now I know a little bit why!:) So glad that your family is OK after your car accident! Car accidents are so scary!

  2. Brookie what a crazy last little while you have had. Thanks for letting us stay at your house you and Steve were perfect hosts. Love it all!