good or bad idea?

6:28 PM

Yes, our 'older' home has some appliances to match. Now the fridge isn't as dated as the one above, but it's not lookin too new either. So I found this idea on design sponge. Can't decide if I like it or hate it...Steve hates it because his "handwriting is bad. " Ha!

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  1. My boys have been fighting over... I mean playing with chalk a lot this week. While this idea looks like fun, it also seems like one more thing for them to fight over. I'm going to say "bad idea".

  2. I would say bad idea because Chalk is so messy!

  3. I will let Steve know, he will be so pleased. ;) Yeah, it's one of those ideas that would be cool if you're single and live in a studio apartment in New York City with no kids.

  4. I would totally go for it!

    Looking at that fridge will make you smile every day.