Mr. Incredible

12:01 PM

Long story short, my husband arrived in Brazil with no luggage.  So the family he was staying with took him shopping to find him at least one outfit.  Well, when he went to the stores nothing fit (he is a head taller than most Brazilians with a more husky build) so all they could find was a huge oversized red hooded sweatshirt and tight tapered bright blue jeans (oh, and speedo feeling, according to Steve, tighty whitey underwear).  He went to a movie premier and an after party dressed in these clothes! HA!  He said everyone else was dressed in black and looked like they were going to some swanky club....and then there was Steve.  Needless to say he stuck out like a sore thumb and they dubbed him "Mr. Incredible". HA! 

Well, no one will forget who he is now. :)  He got his bags the next day, few...  He missed the opening night, but here are some pictures off the website, just click here.

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