8:22 PM

I love flowers and anyone who has seen the front of our place knows that! We have a pretty small porch but I have hung three wood flower boxes, one on each side and filled them with bright beautiful flowers of all shades and kinds.

This year we have gone a more pinkish route in our color scheme, we usually do more of a wildflower - red, yellow white and purple scheme but this year has worked out beautifully.

Yes, these are my chubby/swollen pregnant hands planting flowers. It actually was a whole body shot, but I cropped it to just the tips of my fingers...ha! yes, I know I am being ridiculous and I should give myself a break. ;)

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  1. Love the flowers. Can you come and teach me how to garden? Please? And your fingers look fine. I come in a little over a month. And you b-day is in 6 days.

  2. Hey Rozzie! Yes, I will absolutely come to AL and teach you how to plant flowers!!! There is nothing better than a home with flowers (my opinion). Can't wait to see you!!!!

  3. Brooke...I misplaced your email and have the cutest pictures from millville to send you... and we have not been swimming due to the weather:) My email is katecreer@gmail.com - Hope you are feeling well.

  4. Thanks Katie! I know this weather has been crazy! Is it June? ;)